Post More Bills Campaign

Post More Bills campaign calls for posting as much bills as possible. Bills – A response to "Post No Bills"–attack New York City. Bills likes to appear wherever they are not wanted. A humorous approach to posting your own thoughts on the street. There is no hidden program, there is no bigger meaning, other than to spreading Bills far and wide and bring a bit of playful relief in our visually saturated media environment. As you walk through the city you will find yourself bombarded with images that promise or imply or accuse. We want to find the space in-between this visual cacophony and place there a part of you. And we want you to help. We want the Bills to grow and flourish, so please feel free to help them grow, include them in your own designs.The only condition we ask is that you make no money from the image. The bills are free for you to download, reproduce and modify, so long as they are not used for commercial gain.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Bill spotted inside pedestrian tunnel

Looking good Bill ;)

It has begun

Bill Clinton and Dollar Bill were spotted in downtown manhattan near the financial district.
We are happy to declare that the Bills have started attacking the city.